Technician Service for Enbio Steriliser

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Welcome to our Medifocal technical servicing.

Your machine will notify you when it needs servicing, alternatively you will receive an email from us after 12 months recommending a service. To ensure uninterrupted functionality, we provide a loaner unit while your original unit undergoes comprehensive servicing at our nearest facility. The delivery of the loaner unit and return of the serviced unit will be covered by Medifocal.

Validation certification is additional and can be incorporated into your service if you require both servicing and validation please also add at the Online Shop “VALIDATION CERTIFICATE”.

Exc. GST

$500.00 Exc. GST

Our servicing includes but not limited to;
– Performance check on steam generator and vacuum pump, part replacement if necessary.
– Replacement of key components for instance; drawer gasket, HEPA Filter, valves, Water
connectors, and instrument trays as needed.
– Maintenance tasks such as heat exchanger cleaning, steam generator descaling, process chamber cleaning, and lubrication of drawer guides to ensure continued reliability.

* Additional costs apply for any replacement parts, labour and delivery only included in the service price.

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